How do I choose an insurance agent?

You want an insurance agent and agency that you can trust. Make sure your agent is properly licensed in North Carolina and has good references! You can check with the North Carolina Department of Insurance for both, but ask around. Your friends and coworkers are likely in the know about local agents. All agents at Mollie's Insurance are licensed with the State of North Carolina for Property & Casualty; most are also licensed for Life & Health.

What do credentials and licensing mean to me?

Proper credentials and licensing means that your agent or agency adheres to even the most strict laws governing insurance in North Carolina. Before agents are licensed, they must pass very strict training and pass lengthy exams covering very specific laws. Additionally, to maintain a license, agents must comply with state requirements for Continuing Education. This means we operate Mollie's with the highest standards for ethics and always have your best interest at heart.

What if I have had a DUI or speeding tickets?

Call us! We don't judge and believe everyone deserves a second chance. We offer excellent rates for drivers with a complicated driving or credit history.

I have a scooter, does it have to be insured?

Yes, in North Carolina, all scooters must be insured by July 1, 2016. And we can help.

I run my own business, can you help me with other types of insurance?

We sure can! We offer commercial and general liability insurance for business owners. We can also help you to develop an attractive benefits package for your employees. In most cases, we can offer you group health insurance, even if you are the only employee.

Do you charge any fees for a quote or to have insurance with Mollie's?

Our vehicle insurers may charge a late fee ($8) or a reinstatement fee ($25). That fee goes directly to the insurance company, not to Mollie's. We do charge $10 for your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report), but that amount is waived if you purchase a policy from us.

What if my car insurance payment is due on a weekend or holiday?

If our office is closed for the weekend, holiday, or even inclement weather, you can still pay your premium by phone to your insurance company 24/7. You would need to use a credit or debit card for a phone payment. Insurers must give you a 15 day grace period, meaning you can not be cancelled if you pay your premium before the 15th day from your due date. If you payment is due on a day that Mollie's is closed and you do not want to use the pay by phone option, you MUST come to our office to pay before 5:00 pm on the business day BEFORE we are closed. We cannot back date receipts.

Can you cover my single or doublewide home if I rent the lot?

Yes! Even though a manufactured home on a rented lot is considered a vehicle (the wheels and axles are still attached), in most cases, we can still get coverage.

I work in the Roanoke Rapids area but live in Virginia. Can you insure my car or home?

No, our agents and agency are only licensed in North Carolina.

If I need to file an accident or damage claim, will your agents help me?

In almost all circumstances, it is better for you to contact your insurance company directly regarding an accident or damage claim; however, we can help you get started with that process by telling you what information you need and where to call. Just ask!


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