Thirty-plus years ago, Ollie and Renee Overton opened Ollie's insurance in Roanoke Rapids. A mainstay for the area for auto insurance, Ollie's business was built by offering competitive pricing for drivers-even those with complicated driving records.  There is something to be said for business owners who recognize the importance of maintaining a trusting relationship, and being willing to work hard to help drivers stay properly insured, and often, to help them rebuild their driving record. Their customers became like family—people that Ollie and Renee saw regularly for years!

The old adage is that all good things come to an end. But that's not exactly what happened to Ollie's Insurance. Ollie and Renee decided to work towards retirement and, in August 2014, sold their business to Scarlette Bennett, a veteran of the insurance industry, who also operates a successful agency in Rocky Mount, NC—The New Team Insurance Services.

Scarlette determined very quickly the value of the level of service that Ollie and Renee had provided to the Roanoke Rapids area and, without hesitation, knew that she, and her staff, would be able to maintain that "down-home" feel to the business.

One fun little twist to things is that Scarlette's first grandchild's name is Mollie. So, it was an easy decision to change the name of Ollie's to Mollie's—as a way to show the Roanoke Rapids community that the "new" agency would hold on to much of what Ollie and Renee had built, and add an additional bit of that "family" feel.

Mollie's is staffed full time by Brian Bennett, and rotating the week days, are Scarlette's daughters, Maygen Bennett Garris and Scotty Bennett. Scotty became the manager of P&C (Property and Casualty) for both Mollie's and the sister agency in Rocky Mount, The New Team. The combined experience and expertise of Brian, Scotty, and Maygen assures that you will get the best service and best pricing available and will feel good about maintaining a relationship with Mollie's. They're good people, helping good people!

Today, Mollie's offers more than auto insurance. By utilizing the strengths of numerous local and national insurers, you can come to Mollie's for homeowners and renters insurance, as well as general liability. But, it gets even better! With the connection to The New Team in Rocky Mount, you can also call Mollie's for quotes on life and health insurance for yourself or, if you are a business owner, for your employees.

Call or email today and let Mollie's staff work hard for YOU—the way it should be!




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